Quest GiverEdit

Logan - Located in the Merchant's Coppice of Telifin Grove

Quest TextEdit


"Verazoth has long been exiled by our people after his betrayal in the wars of Einendore.  Now he hides amongst the Cultists of Darkness and has brought them to spoil the once shimmering Tower of Light!  Many of my men have fallen trying to take it back so we have since gated its passage.
We believe they are now working with the Goblins to turn our forest creatures against us!  Will you help us defeat him?"

Quest Completion Text Edit


"The destruction of Verazoth was a mighty accomplishment! It will take much time and magic to turn it to the once shimmering tower of light that it formerly was. Seek your path to Norrab. There you should find answers to the evil that has spread across the land."

Quest RewardEdit

25??? experience