Quest GiverEdit

Barlos - Find him in the Southeast corner of the Forest of Kyre

Quest TextEdit

Those bandits!

Pilferers and thieves!

How can I finish building my house? They stole my magic tools! I will reward you if you can bring back my magic tools! Find their hideout in the Forests of Kyre and bring the bag of magic tools back to me!

Quest Tips Edit

The Magic Tools are located in the Bandit's Lair in the Northeast area of the Forest of Kyre. Be prepared to be ambushed as soon as you walk through the entrance and then fight your way through a line of bandits to get to the Magic Tools.

Unless you start as a human, it is probably easiest to collect the tools before receiving the quest since you pass through that area on your way to both Kyre and Barlos' house.

Quest RewardEdit

20 or 25 experience

gold (NB: You have to enter the house to the right when facing Barlos to pick up the gold.)