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You've fought bravely, Questlord, and have defeated many foes. But now it all comes to this, and you haven't fought anything quite like the Bah-Lorn before. He is a serious forced with which you must reckon, many many times in the Wastelands and the Abyss.

He'll sneak up on you pretty quickly in the second screen of the Wastelands, just to give you a taste of what fighting one is like. But the hardest part is entering the Southern Entrance to the Abyss, where you fight not one, not two, but three of them in a row!

This is the pathway to your final quest, to destroy Lord Drowsk, and it will not be easy. Below is a map that will help you find your way.

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Placing the Skulls

The Two SkullsEdit

As you were told by your friends, one cannot even enter into the Abyss because the way is closed off. Drowsk will not open them until his two accomplices return, and clearly he is unaware that they are dead. Thelia has given you one of their skulls, but the other is hidden in the Alcazar Grove.

Once you have both of them, you must sneak into the western and eastern entrances of the volcano and place them into their candle circles where they will trick Drowsk into opening the southern entrance. And that's when the real fun begins.

The MapEdit

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Wastelands Map