Location of Crimson Caverns

The Crimson Caverns are dark and full of mysteries and dangers and, yada yada yada. Okay, you get it. It's a dungeon crawl game so here's a dark cave. You will want to venture into this cave for several good reasons.

To find it, you'll leave Norrab and head south, then west. It actually has two entrances. The second is In the Area northwest of the first, And One Area West Of Gaurdian Helm. 

The Spell of HealingEdit

Should you have the Spellbook equipped, you're going to want to read the cave art on the first level. And by level I mean the first one you enter. Levels will be numbered from top down instead of bottom up. Healing is the most expensive spell manna-wise, as it takes 25 manna points, but you may find yourself later on in-between Bah-Lorn fights and need this spell. So it's worth it.

The Amulet of TanjeeEdit

In the Great Library you will find a book on Metalurgy that reads:

It was known that Tanjee possessed the special wisdom of casting magic into metals that could let mortals speak with the souls of animals! Out of this magical craft only one amulet was cast and worth more than any of the jewels of the land. Greed soon took over those who came near it and it was lost forever. Whomever finds such a treasure has the right to speak with creatures or foolishly cash it in for riches and never be able to use it again!

Well, you won't want to do that last thing, because the creatures in the Shattered Realm have lots to say, be it the monkey or the parrot, or even the undead cow. It's kind of bizarre how they happen to know more about the destiny of the Questlord than any of the humans. But that's just the way it is.

To find the Amulet of Tanjee, you'll want to travel to the bottom level of the Crimson Caverns, which is level 5. You'll then need to go to where there is a special door allowing you to up again, but into portions of levels 4, 3 and 2, previous inaccessible. Just past it lies this special treasure.

A portion of the Orb of TheliaEdit

One of the four shards of the Orb of Thelia lies on the second level, but is not accessible until you make your way to the bottom-most level and find the special door going back up. You will need all four of these shards in the Quadchamber, which is a vital part of your quest.

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Crimson Caverns

Crimson Caverns