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Approaching Lord Drowsk

This is it. You've gotten the Volcano entrance open, Questlord, and you're now in your final battle to save the Shattered Realm... to kill Lord Drowsk! 

On the way you will find 

Shield of LordsEdit

After having defeated many Bah-Lorns, you will find your final piece of armor to help you with the final ones, and Lord Drowsk: the Shield of Lords. Make sure to pick it up and put it to immediate use.

The Map of the AbyssEdit

The Abyss is a multi-level adventure with several turns and dead-ends. Follow this map carefully and you'll find yourself standing before the enemy you've fought to find this entire time. Good luck, Questlord! To see the map in full size, click here .

The Abyss

Map of the Abyss