Quest GiverEdit

Hurgenplot - Located in the House of Hurgenplot in the Settler's Crevice near Hammerstone

Quest TextEdit

No time to lose! My supplies are out there in the Cragmore Pass somewhere. Recover them and bring them back here as you agreed!

Quest Completion Text Edit


"You will make a fine adventurer! Perhaps even a QuestLord one day. You are welcome here anytime, take what you need.
I have traveled all the way from Norrab, Guardian's Helm to be precise. You should make your way there from the Citadel of Norrab across the majestic sea. You could come in very handy there."

Quest RewardEdit

24 Experience

The door to the storage room gets unlocked. There are 3 sacks of gold inside worth a total of about 125 gold.