Quest GiverEdit

Doruamur - Located in the Hall of Lords in Guardians Helm

Quest Initiation TextEdit


"Lord Grumthar will not be seeing anyone these days. He is very busy. You need a Parchment of Passage to get through these doors. Come back when you have that. But since he is not writing anymore of them, chances are slim you will get one."

Quest Text Edit


"Oh what is it now? It is not like you are the only one who wishes to seek his council. The last person to even have a Parchment of Passage perished in the Delvmore Depths. Perhaps you should go and do the same."

Quest Completion Text Edit


"For years no one has had a Parchment of Passage. All of the sudden you show up with one.
I guess I have to let you pass now."

Quest Tips Edit

Since you already have to pass by (or through) Delvmore Depths in order to get to Guardians Helm, save yourself some time and go through Delvmore Depths and pick up the Parchment of Passage on your way to Guardians Helm.


125 experience

Access to see Lord Grumthar