Quest GiverEdit

Manager Teggle - Located in Norrab Waterworks Processing and Billing in the Northeast of Norrab

Quest Initiation Text Edit

Manager Teggle:

"As you probably noticed we have a Ratkin problem. A big one.
Our sewer system is completely infested! I am sure they are up to no good down there. I locked the door to the Sewer Entrance but they come in and out through the wells.
But if you go down into the sewers and find out what they're up to I'll repay you by opening the gate to the Mercenary Port. I have that kind of authority in this place."

Quest TextEdit

Manager Teggle:

"Get down into the sewers. Like I said earlier, find out what the Ratkin are up to and I will open up the Mercenary Port near the Northwest Tower for you."

Quest Completion Text Edit

Manager Teggle:

"Ratkin Warriors? Ratkin Wizards? A giant Serpent?
This is worse than I thought. They must be up to no good with swamp animals. It is just as Nermion warned me. I should have listened to him. I have commanded my employees to open the Mercenary Port. But only for you. Not a place for ordinary folk."

Quest RewardEdit

125 experience

The gate to the Mercenary Port near the Northwest Tower of Norrab is unlocked, giving you access to sail to Ranehold.