Quest GiverEdit

Kara Rokblade - Find her in the Southeast-most area of Northice

Quest TextEdit

Deep in Northice there lies a cottage. One of our battalions has secured it as an outpost. They have the Goblin War plans!

Go now and bring them back to me!

Quest Tips Edit

The trophy symbol that appears on the world map is deceiving. While that technically is the area where the plans are located, you can only access it from inside the dwarf stronghold (called Goblin Slayers Outpost) one square to the North of the indicated area. Once you are in the stronghold, use the second door to enter a small secondary room and you'll find the Goblin War Plans on the ground.

A dwarf in the stronghold, Boris Breadburns, will buy extra goods you have acquired and will offer you an unlimited supply of free Moldy Bread to eat. Each Moldy Bread restores 2 health and is worth 0 gold. It is a little tedious to heal this way, but it is free and is much faster than using a ring to regenerate your health. You can speed up the process by dropping all of your carried goods on the ground so you can "buy" 10 Moldy Bread at a time to restore 20 health each time.

Pro Tip: There is a good opportunity to farm experience and gold here. Fill your health (and magic if you are so inclined) at the dwarf stronghold then head 1 square East and 1 square South. There you will find a lot of goblin mages. They are easy to kill (they have 12 health), do minimal damage (via fireball spells - please note that this is a ranged attack!), frequently respawn (usually in multiples), are worth a reasonable amount of experience (I averaged about 4 exp each at level 7), and often drop Magic Potions that restore 50% of your max magic and can be sold for 10 gold each. Sell these to the dwarf when you return to refill your health with Moldy Bread. Bonus: There is a very large sack of gold in the very middle of this area worth about 125 gold!

Quest RewardEdit

60 Experience