Quest GiverEdit

Chessy Boilercabbage - Located in the Merchant District in the Citadel of Norrab to the West of the Courtyard

Quest TextEdit

Chessy Boilercabbage:

"There is a gang of Rogues, north of here in the slums, that have caused much chaos for the City of Norrab.  They have directly threatened our father and caused us to close our business!  The King Huntlor is so busy with the wars in Ranehold and troubles with Lord Dramthorn that he has simply locked the entrance to the slums!
But that is only a temporary solution.
We have a different solution, that only a QuestLord could do.  We still have the ability to unlock this gate so if you can defeat the Rogue who leads this gang and has threatened our father, we can reopen.  Can you slay the leader of this gang and return?"

Quest Completion Text Edit

Chessy Boilercabbage:

"You have restored our business! Our father is right around the corner by the oven. Go and see the best selection of exotic foods in all of The Shattered Realm!"
Merchant Boilercabbage:
"You saved my business! Fantastic! You will see that it was well worth it when you see these great tasty delights I have to sell!"

Quest RewardEdit

125 experience

Opportunity to buy food from Merchant Boilercabbage