Northice Is The Region In The North

Of The Eastern Continent.


Northice Is Entered From Northern Goblin Fortification, Which Is A Few Areas North Of The Keep Of Alestane


Giant Of A Quest Is Completed In Lord Dramthorn's Bane (See Below)

Goblin War Plans Is Started In The Goblin Slayer's Camp (See Below) And Completed In The Goblin Slayer's Outpost (See Below)

Notable AreasEdit

Den Of Wolves: Found Just West Of The Entrance, Contains A Blue Shard

Goblin Slayer's Camp: Found Just East Of The Entrance, This Is Where You Start The Goblin War Plans Quest (See Above)

Goblin Slayer's Outpost: Found North-West Of The Entrance (I Think), It Is Where The Goblin War Plans Quest (See Above) Is Completed. (Erate's Tip: Keep Some Extra Mouldy Bread, Even Though It Is A Pretty Bad Food Source, It Is Free, Making It Good For Offering To ValKin Shrines)

Lord Dramthorn's Bane: Found In The Westernmost Area Of Northice, This Is Where Giant Of A Quest Is Completed