QuestLord has hundreds of NPCs or Non Player Characters throughout the game. Some will sell you items, give you quests, give you vital clues and all advance the storyline of The Shattered Realm. These are the 39 different types of the hundreds of NPCs that occupy The Shattered Realm broken into various type.


  • Cow
  • Undead Cow
  • Wolf
  • Monkey (noteable: Irate Monkey)
  • Juvenile Eagle
  • Manticore



  • Miner
  • Commoner
  • Fighter (noteable: Broussard Boomhammer pretty much has the basic survival tips for the entire game)
  • Warrior (notable: Kara Rokblade and the battle against the Orcs over control of Northice)
  • Master of Homes (noteable:Grenda with her Baby in the quest Rescue Royalty and Barna Bakegold and her bread loaves)
  • Dwarven Lord (noteable: Lord Papi in the dwarven starter town of Hammer Stone, Lord Grumthar in Guardian Helm.)


  • Common Elf
  • Apple Merchant
  • Hunter
  • Soldier
  • High Ranking Warrior
  • Sorcerer (noteable: Margus)
  • Nobles


  • The wounded of Ranehold. (If you see these types and you haven't been everywhere else in the game, turn back)
  • The Mercenaries led by Jay Blackthorn are the muradeing vestiges of the Trelse group. A very productive ware machine.
  • Captains of the Sea. Mightiest marauders to the humble fisherman, these important NPCs connect the waterways.

Somebody Needs To Fix This Pave, So.e Of The Dwarves In The Slide-Show Are Unnamed, And It Says Infantryman Instead Of Foot Soldier - Erate

Mercenary PortEdit

  • Viktor Grant