Quest Giver Edit

Wizard Banis - Located in the Residential Neighborhood of the Citadel of Norrab to the East of the Courtyard

Quest Initiation Text Edit

Wizard Banis:

"Welcome QuestLord to the House of Banis! We have been expecting you.
You have solved many problems of the realm. Yet the riddle of the QuadChamber remains.
First, however, we seek the Jewel of Theralst. The Dwarves in the elven realms of Alcazar took it. There it was lost. We need the Jewel of Theralst to transport to Quadrion, island of the tower of the QuadChamber.
Will you help us?"

Quest TextEdit

Wizard Banis:

"Seek out the land of Alcazar. There you shall find the Jewel of Theralst. This magical jewel will let us transport to the mysterious and ancient QuadChamber!"

Quest Completion Text Edit

Wizard Banis:

"With the Jewel of Theralst we can travel to QuadChamber! Our wizard guild will now be held in high regard. We still do not understand the power of the QuadChamber. Perhaps you can unlock its secrets!"

Quest RewardEdit