Quest GiverEdit

Lord Dramthorn - Find him in the Keep of Alestane

Quest TextEdit

There is an Ice Giant that threatens our kingdom. The mighty forests of Northice have blocked the way to the Ice Giant, but it will not be long before he finds a way here! Go there now and slay the Ice Giant!

If you return, I shall grant you passage to the west!l

Quest Tips Edit

To get to the Ice Giant, you must follow a somewhat circuitous route around the outer limits of Northice in a counter-clockwise direction. This path takes you North of (but still in the same area as) the dwarf's Goblin Slayers Outpost (where the Goblin War Plans are located).

Once in the Ice Giant's area, the Ice Giant is the only threat. To help you survive the encounter, there are 3 wolves meats in the lower left corner and another 3 in the upper right corner. Each wolves meat restores 50 health. So, if you are in trouble, head to one of these corners. Alternatively, since the Ice Giant tends to stay in the middle of this area, before engaging him you can pick up the food if you have room to carry it or you can drop it in more convenient locations (for example, along your escape route to the exit).

The Ice Giant has approximately 200 health and can deliver some high damage hits. Be prepared to keep hacking or casting away.

The Ice Giant drops a large sack of gold worth approximately 90 gold when you kill him.

Quest Completion Text Edit

Lord Dramthorn:

You slayed the Ice Giant?!

As agreed I will grant you passage. Margus will open a portal for you. You can find your way to the western seaport of Buzzard Cove. There you will be able to travel to Norrab. Now leave me be, I have enough problems of my own in Kyre to deal with.

Quest RewardEdit

99 experience

Portal is opened from the Keep of Alestane to Buzzard Cove where you can find the Fireball spell as well as passage to Norrab.