Quest GiverEdit

Lord Grumthar - Located in the Hall of Lord Grumthar in Guardians Helm

Quest Initiation Text Edit

Lord Grumthar:

"You had a Parchment of Passage? I don't remember giving you one. hmm... Any rate I have heard about your adventures. Your reputation as one who believes to be a QuestLord is quite amusing. You probably are trying to put an end to the terror that has befallen our land. I only care about my wealth!
However, if you help me I will show you the way to Insanity!"

Quest TextEdit

Lord Grumthar:

"Long has Banis pestered me about the whereabouts of the dungeon named Insanity. He shares the same love of shiny gemstones that I do. However what do I get in return for sharing my knowledge? Long we have mined these lands only to be pushed out by evil minions with no help from Norrab.
However I will let you know how to get to the dungeon if you help me. Go into the Delvmore Depths. Delve deeper! Find me the Gem of Errask!"

Quest Completion Text Edit

Lord Grumthar:

"What a fantastic gem you have found me! Oh yes...
The dungeon called Insanity lies directly West of here. Search that area in the North of the map and you will find the cave entrance. But beware! Many a warrior has gone insane seeking riches in that foul place!"


125 experience

Directions to Insanity