Quest GiverEdit

Eflaria the Beautiful - Located in Alcazar Grove

Quest Initiation Text Edit

Eflaria the Beautiful:

"Long have we waited for you...
The Wizard Banis wants us to open our gates to the Alcazar forest. If he wants anything from our forests, he will have to wait until we have restored order to our Grove. You are the one who can do this for us!"

Quest TextEdit

Eflaria the Beautiful:

"The Giant Spiders have grown more menacing and troublesome. They appear to have a Queen in our northern Grove. Rid us of this, QuestLord, and return to us! Then I shall unlock the way for you and the Wizard Banis from the Citadel of Norrab!"

Quest Completion Text Edit

Eflaria the Beautiful:

"QuestLord, you have done what needed to be done. The way to our forest is now open to you.
I regret to tell you that it now appears the Huge Araneae has now multiplied and probably long since populated the area you seek. Be careful if you have dealings there. Perhaps go to it when you are at your best strength!"

Quest RewardEdit

75 experience

Access to Alcazar Forest