Selecting your classEdit

As you playing a new game, you'll choose one of the 3 classes as your character. Also you'll start a different location depending the class you choose.

Stats in QuestLordEdit

  • Bravery

Bravery directly increases your attack. "This is best to get a boost on the damage that you deal to your enemies," Kinkead tells us. You can't get high damages without it.

  • Cunning

Cunning bumps up your defense and increases your chance of evasion. Have an Elf that is a little mushy? Crank up the cunning.

  • Knowledge

As you could imagine, this modifies the amount of MP you've got. The catch is that you have to find spells. Kinkead says spells are spread throughout the Shattered Realm.


Humans are the most creature in the earth and many civilization in the Shattered Realm.

Humans will start with Bravery with their starting equipment:

  • Rusty Sword
  • Leather Armor
  • Worn Boots
  • Ridicolous Hat
  • 10 Golds

Player would be start at Kyre


Dwarves lives in the mountains in Shattered Realm, but sometimes they could live together with humans and elves (You can see them in Citadel of Norrab)

Dwarves will start with Cunning with their starting equipment:

  • Mining Axe
  • Stitched Leather
  • Wooden Shield

Player would start at Mount Hammerstone

Fun Fact: Most player choose this class because their equipment is almost completed and grants huge defense. This class also suitable for anyone who new in this game.


Elves lives in the forest like Telefin Grove, Alcazar Grove and even in Citadel of Norrab. They mastering magic and spells.

Elves will start with Knowledge with their starting equipment:

  • Dagger
  • Elf Weaved Shirt
  • Elf Boots
  • Spellbook (Bolt) (After you start the game, you'll see the book in front of you)

Player would start In Telefin Grove

I Would Recommend Elf To Starters And Pros Alike, Because I Would Say It Has A Huge Advantage Starting With The Magic Book, - Erate