Apple Merchant

So you're in need of a lot of ch-ch-ching but you're frustrated by how rare cash drops from creatures you kill. Have you thought of investing in apples? They seem useless enough, but it's a great way to instant riches.

The Apple GuysEdit

There are two guys in the game who sell apples to you for 10 coins a piece.

You see, they sell you apples at 10 coins a piece, but they buy them back From you for more. And this is without limit. You can do it all day and rack up quite the ch-ch-ching!!!

Where are they?Edit

Apple guy #1 is in the Santuary of Telefin Grove. He buys back the apples for 11 coins, so if you buy ten apples and then sell them back, you make 10 coins each time you do it using your full inventory capacity. It'll get you through some hard times.

However, later on all the weapons and food will get far more expensive. You're not going to want to do this all day to make the 4,000 for a shield. That's okay, there's another guy.

Apple Guy #2 is in the First Area Of Alcazar Grove, and he sells you apples, again for 10 coins, and buys them back for 15. That means buying 10 and selling them back, each time you do it, makes you 50 coins. And that makes saving up for that shield five times faster.


Apple Merchant Locations